Samsung Level On Wireless – Bluetooth headset for smartphone

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Samsung Level On Wireless is a top rated bluetooth headset with active noise reduction. They are lightweight, foldable and can carry phone calls.

The popularity of Bluetooth headphones is growing year by year. No wonder – the cord does not mess up, it can not be snatched, nor limited by its length. We have full freedom of movement whether we listen to the house, the bus, the train or the bike.

The difference in sound quality between classic “on the cable” handsets and those using Bluetooth is still noticeable, but it will be appreciated mostly by people with very sensitive hearing. The vast majority of users listened to lossy compressed music (such as MP3s) directly from their smartphone, so for them wireless headsets will definitely be better.

Especially those that offer active noise reduction, that is to reduce the volume of external noise. This is an option that greatly improves the comfort of listening while traveling by public transport. Let’s take a look at how the Samsung Level On Wireless handsets perform in this role.

The review will start with the quality and ergonomics of the headphones to get to the sound quality description on the other side.

Samsung Level On Wireless – test

The test model is named EO-PN900. It is worth to pay attention as there are also more advanced and slightly more expensive versions of Level On Pro EO-PN920 that we tested a few months ago. The price of a Level On Wireless headset is typically $120- $200.

Quality of workmanship and ergonomics

Samsung Level On Wireless is an earphone. This means that their pillows do not surround their ears, but lie directly on the auricles. It has its advantages and disadvantages. First of all, this design is smaller and (usually) lighter than the round earphones (239 g). It is therefore better suited for use with a smartphone and frequent carrying in a backpack or bag.

In addition, Level On headphones, in contrast to Level Over, are folded, which further facilitates their transport. Once folded, the headband is compact enough to fit even in the larger trouser pocket.

In practice, the only real disadvantage is slightly less comfort than with round earphones. The thing is that the pillows rest directly on the ears, that is, they squeeze. At first it is not a problem, but after about 2 hours of continuous wear you may already feel some fatigue.

The pad size is almost identical to the Level On Pro model. Only pity that the pillows can not be removed. Made of soft synthetic leather.

The left and right sides of the headphones look the same, but they have other features hidden. The outer panel on the left conceals an NFC proximity antenna. We can add a smartphone with NFC to it, and the Bluetooth connection setup process will proceed automatically.

On the right side is built-in touch panel. Thanks to it, we can easily and quickly adjust the volume (move your finger up or down), switch songs (move sideways) and pause (double tap).

A power switch is located in the right-hand housing. Holding it up for about 3 seconds will activate Bluetooth pairing mode.) The second slider will enable active noise reduction. There are also two microphones (phone calls and noise reduction) and a micro USB port to charge the battery.

In the left case we will find a third microphone and a connector for a 3.5 mm mini jack. Thanks to it we can listen to music wired, even when the battery runs out. The battery has a capacity of 500 mAh. The cord is about 125 cm long.

The handlebar has a step adjustment (10 positions). The range is large – the headphones fit both small and large head.

In addition to the headphones, micro USB cable and headphone cable, there is also a soft, canvas protective case.

How does ANC work, ie active noise reduction?

The noise and not too intense noises from the listener’s environment are captured by the microphones built into the Level On Wireless headphones. This signal is then processed by the processor and added to the oscillation of the membrane with a similar amplitude but reverse phase. The effect is that noise and other external sounds are suppressed and do not interfere with listening to music.

Active noise reduction is most useful in a noisy office or during commuting by public transport. It’s also great to do in the air by plane or train – music is much clearer.

There is also the passive noise attenuation achieved by the closed headset construction. In practice, the Level On Wireless handsets are really well insulated from undesirable sounds.